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New Coif!

| April 2, 2013

I’m working on a new coif!  What the heck is a coif, you say?  A coif is an item of renaissance headwear. It’s made of linen, and a lot of the surviving examples are heavily embroidered.  Personally, I think that most coifs probably weren’t embroidered, but that no one cared to save the plain ones [...]

Partlets Part Deux

| August 23, 2009

The most widely- known type of partlet is an item of outerwear, like a shrug.  Another garment commonly called a partlet is similar, but often worn under a dress, to fill or decorate a neckline.  I’d just like to say here that a partlet is NOT a shirt that is split all the way down [...]


| August 23, 2009

A partlet is sort of a sleeveless shrug.  I use the word for two similar garments.  The first is as an item of outerwear, like my black partlet here: This partlet is made of a quite heavy coatweight wool, lined in oatmeal linen.  It’s one of my favorite pieces, because it really helps pull an [...]

Loose Gown

| July 25, 2009

One of my favorite pieces is this loose gown, made as an extra layer for colder faires and events.  Unfortunately, anyone who does faire in California will realize that “colder faire” is almost completely oxymoronic, so I rarely wear it.   But I still like it! My loose gown is made of a woven wool, [...]