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So!  It is POSSIBLE (but not yet for sure) that I’m going to be doing a cool living history thing this summer!  Essentially, the Great Dickens Christmas Faire has set up an exchange with Kentwell Hall in England.  Some of their people come over and participate in Dickens, and some of us get to go over there and play at Kentwell, which is basically faire, but with the coolest site EVER.  Seriously.  Check it out.    If this happens, I’m going to need to get sewing!  My current garb is very accurate – with some serious concessions for awesome dancing (circle skirts, I’m looking at you!), sanity (any person desiring to HEM a full circle skirt is clearly insane) and the fact that I live in sunny, hot California, not rainy England.

That was kind of a lot of parenthesis.  Sorry

ANYWAY!  If this thing happens, it’s a two week full time thing, so I’m going to need not only to improve the accuracy, but also the quantity of costume pieces that I own.  Two weeks is a LONG TIME, compared to the weekends I usually do.

Here is the list of things they say you need to have:

Shift/smock – I already own a couple of these, but 1.  my shifts all have blackwork, and that might not be in keeping with my station.  Also – two weeks!  I believe in changing my shift as often as possible.  So – new shifts!

pinner/partlet – I have a partlet!  In fact, when I read through their costume guidelines, they used the picture of my partlet from this blog so… I’m pretty sure it will pass.  I have been thinking about making a new one, in the triangle style from Bruegel.  Because I can!  Whee!

petticoat – This is a supportive undergarment.  Like the red thing.  Only… I’ll probably make a new one.  The red linen dress is fine, but the circle skirt probably won’t fly. (They want skirts to be ankle length!  I hate ankle length skirts.  so… stumpy.  and horrible.  I can walk in a long dress!  And dance in a long dress!  <sigh>) Anyway, besides the skirt, I think the bodice needs to be a bit tighter, for proper support, too.

kirtle – Again, the brown dress is a lovely thing… with a full circle skirt.  So yeah.  probably going to have to make a new one of those as well.  Though!  They did say that skirts should be as full as you can make them while still being a tube.  I wonder how they feel about cartridge pleats…  Because… I can get a LOT of fabric into cartridge pleats.  =)

sleeves - I have that pair of orange sleeves, which are very lovely.  I need to finish them – buttons on the cuffs and add some eyelets to the shoulders for attachment.  Depending on what the new kirtle is like, might have to make new ones.

nether hose - …I am not looking forward to this.  Nether hose are like socks, sewn out of fabric.  Kevin has a pair.  I mean, they are not hard to make, but they are not nearly as comfy as lovely soft modern socks.  In any case.  I’m going to need a lot of these, because the ability to change my socks is VERY important.  I might make them a little big, so I can sneak real socks inside of them.

shoes - I need to order a new pair.  My faire boots are comfy and all, but they are NOT accurate.  Well, they are sort of accurate for medieval stuff.  Sort of.  Except for the vibram soles.  And the shape.  Kevin had some ideas about where to get them

coat  - I have the fitted English gown, which will probably be above my station, and I have a jacket.  The jacket is a little wonky, but can be fixed easily.  Have been meaning to for a while now anyway.

Stuff that was not on the list that I’m pretty sure I need anyway:

apron – My green apron has been a constant favorite of mine.  I just finished a fancy white apron with drawn threadwork, too.  I’ll need to make a BUNCH of plain old white aprons, to keep clean and tidy.

headwear – I really really like my coif and forehead cloth system.  I’ll need to make a few more, because I have one, and one is insufficient for two weeks.  Coifs and forehead cloths are pretty easy, so whipping up a few should be no big dead.  For over that, Kevin found a pretty awesome hat recently at a garb swap, a knitted statute cap in sort of light heather.  I also have a black wool flatcap.  Usually I like to wear a straw hat sometimes as well, but that might be problematic.  First, I cannot figure out how the heck I would get a straw hat to England without completely murdering it.  Second, it’s hiding from me.  =(

misc  – I kind of figure I’m going to need a few random things.  Like for example, a basket of some sort?  I don’t even know.  I know I’m going to want somewhere to stash stuff, but it’s gonna be trickyish.  For one, how the heck am I supposed to get it to England?  Actually, that’s pretty much the whole problem.  But besides a basket, I think I’m going to want a couple of cloths for wrapping stuff up, and maybe a little drawstring bag to hide a sewing kit and my lucet stuff.

I’m pretty sure there is stuff I am forgetting, but who knows if it is even going to happen.  Regardless – I’ll be making lots of stuff in the near future, I’m sure.  I’m gonna try the whole “actually remember to take progress pictures” thing, too!






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