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Shifts for Kentwell

One of the most important things I’m going to need for Kentwell is new shifts.  I only have two that I like at the moment, and both of them have blackwork which is too posh for the kitchen.  Kentwell says you can either do a round neck with a slit or a square neck and partlet.  I’m going to go for round this time around, mostly so I don’t have to also fuss with a partlet.  And, if I decide that I don’t like them, I can totally cut them down into square necklines.  =).

Kevin ordered a ton of white linen online recently, so I’m going to assembly line 4 new shifts.  A clean shift to put on in the morning is a lovely thing.   I am planning to cheat a bit, and make my shifts short, only just past hip length.  The reason is twofold: 1, when I use them for Pryanksters with my circle skirts, long shifts look funny underneath.  2, I can get more shifts out of less fabric.  =)

Here’s my plan:  4 shifts out of 5 yards!


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