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Loose Gown

One of my favorite pieces is this loose gown, made as an extra layer for colder faires and events.  Unfortunately, anyone who does faire in California will realize that “colder faire” is almost completely oxymoronic, so I rarely wear it.   But I still like it!


My loose gown is made of a woven wool, with grey threads vertically.  I based the pattern on one of the loose gowns in Patterns of Fashion.  Specifically, I really liked the pleating on the back.

My version:


I box pleated the fabric across the shoulders.  This is one place where I really needed to sew by hand, because when I tried it by machine, I couldn’t get it to line up properly along the grey lines.  Once I had sewed the box pleats together, I needed a way to keep the pleats flat, so I decided to use these little silver glass beads.  Beading this took a really long time, but I think the look is really awesome.  I also beaded the larger of the double shoulder rolls.


The loose gown has six (nonfunctional) buttons down the front, which are antiques from my grandmother’s collections.  I had originally closed it with hooks and eyes, but found that I never wore it closed, so I took them off for something more decorative. The weight of this fabric means that this gown had great flow – I walk and it billows out behind me.


~ Sarah

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