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Hairstyle and Headscarf

This is one of the most comfortable ways to wear my hair at faire that I have come across.  It’s period and it stays on all day while I’m dancing.  I learned this technique from the Tudor Tailor.  Here’s my version:

Materials necessary:

- Hair long enough to put into pigtail braids

- Two strips of fabric, about twice as long as your arm.  You’ll adjust this depending on how long your hair is and where you want to tie it, but it’s a good place to start.  A note:  Don’t use ribbon, it’s too slippery

- A large, hemmed square of linen or cotton.  I use a piece of linen the width of the fabric.

Step One:  Brush your hair and part it down the middle


Step Two: Start braiding your hair


Step Three:  When there are a few inches left of your hair unbraided, grab one of your fabric strips in the middle.  Braid it into your hair, putting each side of the tie into a separate chunk of hair. Keep braiding


Step Four:  When you run out of hair, wrap the ties around the ends of your braid and tie them off.


Step Five: Other side!  Same song second verse


Step Six:  Bring one braid up and over your head.


Step Seven:  Cross the other braid over your head, and tie your fabric strips together.  Depending on you long your hair and your ties are, this might be in different places. Optionally, if your hair is thin or slippery, you may want to stick a few bobby pins in to keep everything together.



Step Eight: Fold your linen piece in half, making a large triangle.  Fold under the middle point of the triangle.


Step Nine:  Place the middle of the long side against your forehead


Step Ten:  Cross the long tails at the nape of your neck


Step Eleven:  Wrap the ties in front of your braids, and tuck in the ends.


Step Twelve:  Wear!  I often wear this with a straw hat (yay no sunburns!) or a flatcap.


~ Sarah

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